Now as I feel I am officially in 'the system,' I'll be updating a timeline of my progress in the process of becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer.

May 2010: Decision made to apply to the Peace Corps

June-July 2010: Began working on my application and bugging my references

August 9, 2010: Submitted my completed Peace Corps application

August 19, 2010: Got my 'Supplemental Materials' in the mail, given 2 weeks to complete fingerprints, transcripts, and a National Agency Questionnaire

August 28, 2010: Got a call from the D.C. office, confirming that my paperwork had arrived

September 10, 2010: Emailed by a recruiter to set up an Interview!

September 24, 2010: Peace Corps Interview at NC State

October 31, 2010: Email from Peace Corps notifying me that I've been officially nominated!

November 6, 2010
: Received Medical Screening Packet in the mail, let the doctors visits begin...

January 8, 2011After many doctor's visits, I'm nearly done with my Medical paperwork.  Last thing to check off the list: Polio Vaccination!

February 5, 2011: A nice birthday present from the Peace Corps: an email telling me they've received all my medical documents.

February 10, 2011: 
A quick turnaround time; I've been given my Dental clearance for the Peace Corps!

February 16, 2011: 
FINALLY got the details of my nomination: Africa, Health Extension, September 2011! A dream come true....

March 11, 2011: Received a letter from the Peace Corps medical office.  Apparently they don't have my Hep B Surface Antigen result- off to schedule another Dr.'s visit

March 25, 2011: After several frustrating trips to student health and more blood drawn, I faxed off my needed test results to the Peace Corps OMS.  Two days later, I get a nice blue check in my applicant Toolbox, saying I'm Medically cleared!

April 27, 2011
DILEMMA! I am contacted by the Peace Corps asking if there is any possibility that I can depart in early July instead of August or September.  I am told that there is science-teaching program in a francophone country that corresponds with this departure date. ON THE SAME DAY, the principal of the school where I student taught calls me and offers me a job. Time for a BIG decision...

April 29, 2011: I call the Peace Corps placement office and leave a voicemail, trying to get some more details about the potential July program.  I'm called back by the woman who I have been corresponding with about the project, and we talk for about an hour.  After she calls back a second time with more detailed answers to some of my questions, I give her the green light to send me my INVITATION! (I decide to make my final Peace Corps vs. Job choice when I get the invite in the mail.)

May 2, 2011
Received my invitation! Guinea, Secondary Science Teaching, July 6, 2011