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What Not to Wear - Guinea Edition

Posted by Sarah Reid on Tuesday, July 26, 2011,
With a new culture comes new clothes; that's almost a given. When I lived in France, I found myself making darker colored wardrobe choices, ditching my t-shirts, and never leaving the house without snazzy shoes and a scarf. Guinea is a different story. If I could dress for the weather here, I'd be wearing shorts and tank tops constantly, with a little skirt action thrown in for dressier occasions. Unfortunately this is West Africa, and there are certain wardrobe rules I have to follow.

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Is this the Africa?

Posted by Sarah Reid on Tuesday, July 19, 2011,
Tana mu fenyé? If I'm not butchering my Soussou, that should mean, 'how's it going?'. Spending over a week in the Basse-Côte of Guinea, you start to pick up on the essentials; I kena - good morning, Pia - avocado, Gégé - cockroach, Foté - white person.
Though the official language here is French, Guinea has over 10 local languages, each associated with a particular group or region. We took a one hour crash course in Soussou at the main Peace Corps office in Conakry (Guinea's capital) b...
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Sarah R.

Lafou, Guinea
Lafou, Guinea

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