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Ice Cream and Crocodiles

Posted by Sarah Reid on Monday, August 29, 2011,
With only three weeks left of training here in Guinea, the excitement has been constant. Among one of the more jarring events since our return from site visits was an affair about a few crocodiles that had all of Dubreka in an uproar.

One of Dubreka's claims to fame for a while was a man who kept four adult caimans (actually closer to alligators, but everyone here calls them crocodiles in French) in a pen in his backyard. I'd been to see the gators several times since my arrival, and thou...
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Va te faire FOUTA!

Posted by Sarah Reid on Monday, August 22, 2011,
Note: if you speak French, you'll recognize that the title of this blog post is terribly witty and funny... If you don't, find a Francophone and have them explain it to you. It'll make for good conversation.

Ten days, three towns, four bush taxis, and nineteen military roadblocks later, I've made it back alive to Dubreka. The adventure started as the trainees and trainers piled into the Peace Corps bus, Guinean style, to head to Mamou. Guinean style meaning- if there aren't enough seat...
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The sorting hat of Guinea

Posted by Sarah Reid on Thursday, August 4, 2011,
Ever hear of Lafou? Neither has most of the world, or the Internet for that matter. A google search on 'Lafou, Guinea' will ask you if you meant to look for 'Lefou,' and the related images are just plain irrelevant. I might have to write the wikipedia article on it myself. In any case, Lafou will be my new home in under two months, as we found out yesterday during our site announcements.

Since arrival, we've been itching to know where in Guinea we'll be sent after training. Speculation ...
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Sarah R.

Lafou, Guinea
Lafou, Guinea

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